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South Africa Online Casinos Information

South African residents have always enjoyed playing casino games in land based casinos that are operating. These same players may enjoy playing similar games in online casinos. There are very strict laws that pertain to online gambling and the activity was completely banned with a law that was passed in 2004. The law states that no online casino can legally operate in South Africa and that players are not to engage in any form of online gambling. There are actually financial penalties and jail time that can be encountered if players are caught playing in an online casino. This law is currently in limbo as there is talk of legalising online gambling. A bill has been passed to allow players to play online, but it has not come into effect at this time. Players are still under the restrictions of the 2004 law that will continue to prevent them from playing online until a future bill is passed and enacted that will allow legal online gambling activities for these residents.

Despite the laws, may players continue to take their chances by gambling in off shore casino sites. These sites are operated in other locations such as Canada and the UK and will accept real money players from South Africa. In these casinos, players will easily be able to fund their accounts using South African Rand, the local currency and can also choose from a variety of languages so they can access all casino services.

Until the new law comes into effect, players will have to continue playing in off shore casinos to meet their online gambling needs. These sites are safe and secure and players can enjoy an array of games that can all be played from the comfort of home. For South African players, there is hope of legal gambling being offered online in the near future. However, until that time comes, players will risk the penalties of playing online, though few individuals have every been prosecuted for enjoying online casino activities.

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