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Poker Ride Progressive Jackpog Game Review

Any player who enjoys playing different variations of online poker will be impressed with the options that are featured in Microgaming casinos. These sites offer some great game titles, including Poker Ride, which offers players the chance to win a progressive jackpot when playing. This version of poker is very similar to Let It Ride, so players who have enjoyed that game in the past will surely appreciate what Poker Ride has to offer. The game objective is to create the best possible five card poker hand. Players will start the game with an ante and if they wish to try to win the progressive, they will have to place a side bet on the game.

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and after the ante, players will be dealt three cards face up. The dealer will then receive two face down cards. After the cards are received, players will choose to call or raise. Raising will require players to pace an additional bet on the table.

If players chose to play, one of the dealer cards will be revealed. Players will then have the chance to call or raise again. The final card will then be revealed and the game will end, with results instantly being displayed. Winning hands follow the standard poker rankings. With this progressive game, the amount of the side bet will be added to the progressive jackpot pool. If players get a Royal Flush, they will automatically receive the entire jackpot. The game will offer a 10% progressive payout when players hold a Straight Flush.

This version of poker is a great game that will entertain players of all skill levels. The game is a great way to enjoy regular payouts while having the chance to win jackpot rewards on the two top hands in poker. With Poker Ride, players will enjoy crisp graphics and a realistic playing table that makes the game appealing to all poker fans.

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