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Cyberstud Poker Progressive Jackpot Game Review

While many players in Microgaming online casinos enjoy playing slots to win a progressive jackpot, there are also other game options that can present great jackpot opportunities. Cyberstud Poker is a game where players will not play against others, but will just play against the house. The game is played with an Ante like other poker games and this ante will remain on the table until the player calls or folds. Dealers will only receive one card and them the player will make their decision on how to play the game. The objective of Cyberstud Poker is the same as other poker variations and players will try to complete the best ranking poker hand possible.

With Progressive Cyberstud Poker, players will have to place a side bet of one credit prior to the dealing of any cards. This will make the player eligible for the jackpot payout. If players choose to play the hand they are dealt and not fold. They will have to place a wager in front of the ante on the table. The dealer will then receive four additional cards and the winner will be determined based on who has the best hand. If the dealer hand does not have at least an Ace and King, the dealer does not qualify and players will automatically win their wager.

To win the progressive jackpot, players will have to hold a Royal Flush in their hand. This is not an easy feat, which is why the jackpot amount will usually increase quickly and will offer high rewards to players. This version of online poker is an exciting option for players who do not wish to compete with others at the table. Played with a single deck of 52 cards, players will follow the standard rules of poker to achieve the best hand.

Experienced poker players are often attracted to this game because it presents a challenge. There are no wild cards in play, so creating a Royal Flush can be quite difficult. However, when it is accomplished, players will be rewarded with a great paying jackpot amount.

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