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Many players who enjoy online casino games will be attracted to progressive jackpot games. These games offer base payouts but will also present the chance to win some life altering amounts. With a progressive game, a percentage of the bets that are wagered on tee game will be added to the jackpot. This makes the amount grow quickly, which is one of the appealing aspects of these types of games. In online casinos, many slot games have progressives, but players can also enjoy the ability to win a jackpot from other games. Progressive jackpot games can offer outstanding payouts for lucky players and these games will often attract the most attention in any online casino. There are some games that have multiple progressives and these create additional chances of winning. You can learn more about online casinos and gambling online by either browsing our website or by visiting a reputable online casino resource such as www.casinoadvisor.com where you'll find great relevant information pertaining to online casinos and progressives along with live tickers for various jackpots.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Games

The most popular progressive jackpot game found in an online casino is the slot machine. There are many games that have a progressive and these can be traditional or video slots. There are also random progressive slot games that can be found where players will not have to place a maximum wager on each spin. In addition to progressive slots, there are also blackjack, poker and video poker games that offer progressive payouts. When playing table games with jackpots, an additional bet will have to be placed to be eligible for the payouts. Some online casinos that offer specialty games will present a progressive bingo game, which can also offer great rewards. Most players believe that progressive jackpots are only offered on slot machines, but there are in fact many other games that can be enjoyed as well, each offering a jackpot opportunity.

Size of Prizes in Progressive Jackpot Games

The amount of money that is offered from a jackpot game can vary. There are two different types of jackpot games, a pooled and local jackpot. With a local jackpot game, only the wagers placed in that online casino will contribute to the size of the jackpot. With pooled games, wagers from multiple casinos will add to the size of the jackpot, making these payouts larger. With every real money wager that is placed on a progressive game, a small portion of that bet will add to the size of the available jackpot. Games will have a base jackpot amount, which means it starts at a certain amount after each win. Since so many players enjoy playing these games and taking the chance on winning millions, progressive jackpot games attract many players, which is why the jackpot sizes can be so high

Why You Should Play Progressive Jackpot Games

There are a number of benefits to playing progressive jackpot games when in an online casino. These games offer the excitement of casino gambling and present players with an awesome opportunity to collect massive payouts that would not be otherwise offered with the game. The main reasons players chose progressive games are:

  • Progressive winnings are often not included in withdrawal limits in the casino.

  • There are multiple games that offer jackpot payouts in addition to slots.

  • The games offer an added level of excitement for real money players.

  • Progressive jackpots can soar past $1 million.

  • Games are played following basic rules and strategies.

  • Some games have random progressive jackpots that can be won at any time.

Why You Shouldn't Play Progressive Jackpot Games

While there are a number of positive attributes to progressive jackpot games, some players will also find there are drawbacks. These games can offer great payouts, but can also be the most expensive games in any online casino setting. Most games will require additional bet amounts to be eligible for the payouts.

  • Many progressive slots will require a maximum bet to be eligible.

  • Some base payouts are not as high as standard games with no jackpots.

  • Game selections are limited.

  • Games will multiple jackpots will pay less when won.

  • Table and card games with progressive swill require side bets.

  • The odds of winning a progressive do not favour the player.

  • Progressive jackpot games can cost more than any other game in the casino.

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